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Criminal Defense

If you are facing criminal charges in state or federal court, you may feel overwhelmed by anxiety.  The prosecutors and police seem to have unlimited resources, may have portrayed you in an unfair or false light, failed to inform you of your rights, violated your rights, or given too much credit to the testimony of an unreliable witness. 

Proper criminal defense requires having an attorney who is willing to go to trial to defend you against the government’s charges, even if the odds seem insurmountable.  During a 14-month period in 2018-2019, Dan obtained a jury acquittal in a federal case, a pre-trial dismissal of a federal charge, and a jury verdict to lesser included offenses on a State case where the prosecutor was unwilling to offer a reasonable plea deal.

Dan has sixteen years of experience defending and advising clients in all types of criminal cases, ranging from state charges of shoplifting and operating while intoxicated (OWI), to federal methamphetamine and heroin conspiracies where an individual faces life in prison.  Dan understands that any criminal charge can have life-changing effects on your freedom, future education, employment, and family.  Dan will ensure that you are involved in the strategy and defense of your case to increase the chances of a successful outcome.

Your defense depends on you finding an experienced attorney who will listen to you.  Most criminal cases involve disputed facts, and Dan has years of experience investigating defenses based on his clients’ versions of events.  Maybe the police didn’t read you your Miranda rights, didn’t obtain a search or arrest warrant, assumed facts that were not true, or used excessive force in arresting you.   Dan will pursue motions to suppress evidence (confessions or illegally obtained evidence under the Fourth Amendment or other Constitutional violations), a motion to dismiss the charges, or request a jury trial, which forces the government to prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt to a unanimous jury.

If the police used excessive force against you, or violated your Constitutional rights, Dan may be willing to help you sue them so they are held accountable.  Police practices remain legitimate only if those in charge of enforcing the law also follow the law themselves.

If you have already pleaded or been found guilty, Dan has experience representing clients at sentencing, appeals, and in post-conviction relief proceedings.  Dan may be able to help you if your case involved prosecutorial misconduct, jury misconduct, judicial misconduct, or if your prior attorney made mistakes and did not reasonably represent you (ineffective assistance of counsel). 

Dan was the attorney who won the landmark Iowa case, Morales Diaz vs. State of Iowa, 896 N.W. 2d 723 (Iowa 2017), involving ineffective assistance of counsel in the immigration context.  And in terms of federal appeals, Dan had a victory at the United States Federal Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit in United States vs. Timmons, 950 F.3d 1047 (8th Cir. 2020) (violation of the right to confront a witness in a supervised release revocation hearing). 

From the very beginning of your case, Dan will listen to you and involve you in the strategic defense of your case, whether that be in state court, federal court, on appeal, or in post-conviction relief proceeding.

*Free 15 minute consultation and estimate of required retainer deposit and overall fees expected.  Flat-fee or hourly fee agreements are available.